Super Mario Halloween Night

Game Info: Super Mario Halloween Night
←→ Key keyboard keys to control movement, ↑ jump (jump up and touch buttons), squat/↓ keys into the pipeline.
Tip: Oh, go into the first pipe on the left at the outset, some monsters can hit, some could not step on the oh.
How to get started
After the game has loaded, click play twice to start the game
About the game
High in dark and one month of Halloween day, Princess Mario is captured by monsters and their partners, for safety back to the Princess, and the partners, Halloween day, Mario Princess ready to be fully set off to rescue Mario. Although this Halloween day monster Castle will gather a lot of monsters, but brave and Mario are strongly set off, Mario will meet what kind of danger? He saved you? Let us work together to help him rescue Princess!
Game goals
Help Mario collect all gold coins, completing adventures!
Game name:SuperMario  Halloween Night category: adventure games date: 2012-10-24 size: 3080K topic: Super Mario set-Halloween eating narrowly
How to Play: